Ragini's Sixteenth!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello everyone :-) 

Indeed, everyone views 16 as a very important age! :-) I have been getting invited to so many birthday parties for my friends turning sixteen and no of course I'm not complaining because I love parties! :-) Good food and good company, what's there to not like? 

The party that I attended last Saturday (3 August 2013) was a little different though, because it's not organized by the birthday girl herself but was a surprise by her wonderful and very sweet friend! Yup, it was Ragini's birthday on 9 August (same as Singapore heh heh) and Phionna surprised her the week before with an amazing surprise party - it's so incredible how someone can go through such lengths to make someone else's days (Yes Phion I think you're incredible!!!!)  

The incredible girl :-) 

A bunch of us gathered at Ragini's house to prepare while Ragini's deskmates brought her out! We came after Ragini left the house and it's really fun because her parents were in the know of this as well (of course HAHA). It was my first time being a part of a surprise party so it was a new and nice experience :') 

Beatrice, Kassandra & Callista in their hiding spots! :-) 

Me in my hiding spot! :-) (and my long hair was still present last week!) 

So the plan was for Ragini's mum to call her halfway through her outing and inform Ragini that she has prepared her favourite food for lunch and to get Ragini to invite her deskmates over to their place for lunch. I think it's quite funny because if my mum were ever do that, I will never invite my friends over to my house all of a sudden like this but I guess it's like a common occurrence so Ragini did :-) 

When Ragini reached home, we popped party poppers at the same time and surprised her! Apparently she suspected something already (honestly it was such a strange scenario) but she was definitely pleasantly surprised :-) When she walked in, she somehow knew immediately that the theme of the party was something to do with floral, because we were all made to dress in "vintage floral" clothes. Anyway, I'm so so happy for her and glad that I was a part of this! Shall let the photos do the talking now because they are really very pretty (photo credits to Phionna!)

And then the fooooooooood :-) 

Yumzers :-) 

Wang You, Esther, myself, Agnes, Beatrice and Yijing! :-) (I really can't get over how sexy Yijing looks HAHAHA without her glasses and all) 

With Tiffany! :-) 

What's a party without cake? (It's such a pretty chocolate macaron cake ahhh I love macarons!!!) 

Of course, what's a party without Ragini? Pretty pretty birthday girl! (And yes you saw right, it's TWO lovely macaron cakes!) 

With Tiff again :-) This time, with ice cream yay!

With Agnes! :-) 

Oh and it was Agnes' 15th birthday yesterday (so many birthdays yahaha) and I think she's a pretty cool and funky junior so in celebration of her birthday as well, the photo above is edited funkily (yes I know I am too cool) and she probably won't see this because to my knowledge, she doesn't read my blog! But that aside, I think she's quite a fab junior and even though I don't know her super duper well, I think she has such a positive sphere of influence that she should use wisely :-) And she's one of my favourite blue girls! :')

Alright, spotlight back on Ragini (who is another of my favourite blue girls!) 

Wow with the organizer of the party and the birthday girl :-) I am too honoured! 

Of course, 

Not entirely sure how many times I've wished this girl but it is okay because she deserves it - thank you so much for being such a wonderful wonderful friend, really; there are no words to describe how much you mean to me and I'm so fortunate to have you in my life! Tough and shitty times will pass and we'll definitely get through all these together! Thank you for always being there for me and encouraging me every step of the way - you have been amazing, stay amazing! I'm sure most, if not all of 13atch (like our entire RG batch) will agree that you're one of the nicest person ever, always sharing your notes and being so selfless and helpful! You're incredible and I love you a lot! 

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