Netball Carnival

Friday, August 16, 2013

There are just so many "last"s happening in my life recently and for me, it's not easy to handle such things. Though I'm not physically affectionate, I treat things, people and events with a lot of sentimental value (I don't show it though) and one such event would be the annual inter class netball carnival held in my school.

Usually a post-EYA activity for Years 1-3, when we get to Year 4 it's held before our EYAs (not the smartest move ever) and the last Netball Carnival I got to experience in my RGS life took place on Tuesday (13 August). I can safely say that this was the best one yet and of course, the best one there will ever be. 

There was something different about that afternoon, perhaps it's because every single one of us knew inside that it was going to be the final, last ever Net Carn we'd attend together, perhaps it's because we all wanted to do our best for our class or perhaps it's just because it was a good day. But there was something special - there was a spirit that I have never felt before. I can't seem to describe it well but it was probably the same spirit we always had, ever since Orientation in Year One, coupled with maturity and the bitter-sweet knowledge that this event would eventually go into the long list of "last"s we shared. 

That being said, my amazing class 406 did so incredibly well and I'm really very proud of us - for me, it was quite a nice ending to our 2 years spent together. I must admit these 2 years weren't exactly the most smooth sailing for us in terms of being a class - we are so noisy, we are so loud, we aren't exactly supportive of one another as classmates, we have the ability to argue about just the most minute things and even though I'm usually not involved in such drama, I get so incredibly mad and upset with us but recently we've really got together and did wonderful things. 

Before Net Carn! 

To be honest, I don't know what got into us but we suddenly started being enthusiastic about inter-class competitions and starting off our streak would be winning the National Day video making competition. And during Netball Carnival, we won first for cheer, third for banner and third overall! :-) which is a huge accomplishment considering we just won cheer last year - DEFENDING CHAMPIONS OK!!! 

As un-sporty as I am, I'm always in the cheer team and we're always super last minute, writing the cheer the night before and practising only on the day itself but somehow we always pull it off super well. We always go over the top, preparing weird props (caps this year, sunglasses last year) and we even add in a simple dance routine which is probably what makes us stand out from the other classes. This year, we did a parody of Nicki Minaj's Starships which even included a super hilarious solo rap part which I did because I am thick skinned like that. Only for 406, only for 406 :-) Actually no, somehow my sense of shame disappeared when I became a Year 4. 

Yay the best cheerers ever :') 

To be honest, I couldn't really memorize the rap well but somehow when presenting our cheer to the judges, everything just came to me and I think we pulled off the cheer perfectly! 

Champions hello?! :-) :-) 

After cheering we all rushed for Milo from the Milo Van (yay yay yay) because all of us skipped lunch to practice our cheer (; Yes, dedication I know. 

And then there was the banner. A few of my wonderful classmates stayed back on the day of submission to rush it out and somehow and very surprisingly, we got shortlisted into the Top 5 which meant that we would have to gather votes on Net Carn itself so that we'd win! A lot of us when around super shamelessly asking for people to vote for us. We eventually won third, which is an amazing feat in itself!

Tamara soliciting for votes HAHAHA

Our wonderful scorers with the banner! :-) Our scorers Phionna, Yanling  and Charis did wonderfully as well!

Of course, apart from banner, cheering and scoring, the main event of netball carnival would be of course, the netball games themselves! It was crazy because I remember last year, we were in a win-lose-win-lose situation but this year we did amazing, winning almost every game except for two losses and one draw! So incredibly proud of the players - they were really wonderful!

No event would be complete without lots of photographs! :-)

All the happy faces despite it being the middle of the week! :-) 

With one of my favourite people in the world! 

In between matches (; 

Bab with one of our star players - Faddy!!! :-) 

We were all really happy that day! So incredibly proud of us, really. 

6-xy and we know it (; 

Players! :-) All dem pretty people. 

Gathering for the announcing of results!

It was really hilarious because during the announcing of results, they said that the top 3 classes for cheering would be required to present their cheer to the entire batch and we started freaking out because somehow we were super confident that we would win and all of us actually forgot the entire cheer. Especially me with my rap part so when we were announced as champions (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), we went up and embarrassed ourselves (x I took out the script in the middle and still couldn't read it properly but ahh well it's all in the name of fun!!!

Super candid but pretty photo of us (; 


Thanks so much 406'13 for being so amazing and even though there's conflicts and tension at times, we've truly grown a lot together and this year has been a blast, especially with our new form teacher (who was a no-show during Net Carn boooo but then again he is awesome so he is forgiven). Thank you for the party blocks where we all go crazy and start clubbing in class, thank you for the High School Musical karaoke sessions (even when Mr Faizal is there and he actually allows it!), thank you for the crazy (and annoying) Whatsapp conversations and thank you for everything :') 

We only have 8 more days of lessons together, let's treasure it! (Yes bbs our last day of proper Year 4 lessons is on 28 August) I can't believe everything is ending soon. 

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