Nic's Sixteenth!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hello there :-)

I know I shouldn't be feeling like this, but somehow I've been having a very "Hakuna Matata" mindset recently and I'm not too sure if it's something good or bad. On one hand, it makes me a lot more relaxed and I finally feel like I'm truly living a life that gives justice to my youth but on the other hand, I feel like I'm way too carefree to be living in a society like ours and that I'm not living up to society's expectations of me. Then again, I'm only sixteen and I think I should actually be given the freedom to have the time of my life while I still can. That being said, I'm not completely ignoring or abandoning my responsibility as a student :-) I'm still trying my best, just not putting too much stress on myself and I really like the pace which I'm going!

Life has been pretty interesting, with many events happening both in school (It's Really Arty Week at RGS this week!) and outside :-) I have so many things to look forward to this weekend and last weekend has been quite nice too and one of the key events would be Nicole's birthday party! 

Turning sixteen seems to be quite a milestone for many, and this year I've been invited to at least four birthday parties, which is quite a large number, compared to a grand total of zero for the past three years :') Planning a birthday party must be such a nerve-wrecking experience though, what if no one comes? Also, it's incredibly difficult to plan activities for a crowd of teenagers - kids would be so much easier to entertain!

So yes this gorgeous girl turned sixteen officially yesterday (we celebrated it with her last Sunday though) - thank you for inviting me and for being an amazing friend :') 

There isn't that much to blog about - just know that the party was pretty fun (though quite awkward because there were dudes whom we were not familiar with) with nice food, games and music! :-) And of course, we took lots of photos (that's what girls do) so I hope the visuals will serve to beef up this short blog post!

 Richelle, Jerrie, Shermaine (She helped Nicole plan this entire party and I'm so very proud of her!), myself and Sarah! :-) The props are so cute and lovingly made by Sherm! 

Jaclyn, Beatrice, Cheryl, Bei Jun, Qian Wei, Myself & Sarah! 

Yay I have no idea why I am so attention-seeking and climbed onto the ladder HAHA I think it runs in my blood (sorry Nicole!!!) Actually no we all got to climb the ladder I just chose this photo cos this is my blog :'D 

(not enjoying the party at all - just look at our expressions!) 

This photo was accidental but I think it's quite cute that our heads decrease in size so nicely! I love these two girls :') 

Yay :-)

Had such an amazing amazing time - I love parties! 

That aside, life is getting quite crazy for everyone and although I might not be the best person to give advice, I truly believe that a positive mindset is all you need to get through all the crap happening and that's what I'm doing and so far, it really seems to be working. So please, keep smiling, keep swimming and go be amazing, all of you! Because you truly are :-)

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