Saturday, March 30, 2013

It is already the 30th of March and I am once again, lagging in blogging.

But can I just say that my March Holidays went pretty amazingly? I spent three whole days at March Camp spending time with Guides and for me, this March Camp felt so different; it felt really special. 

For one, this year was the first year I was spending March Camp in a new patrol, 02 Ixora. For the past three years, I have always been in 03 Mynah and definitely, 03 Mynah holds a certain significance for me. I must admit I was a little apprehensive at first but thank you 02 Ixora - you guys are the best bunch of juniors I can ever ask for, and thank you Jessica for being such a smashing batchmate! 

Honestly, the support you guys give to me as your Patrol Leader really makes me feel so heartened - you guys constantly make me feel like I'm doing a great job even though at times I know I'm lacking so much. You guys didn't mind when our Outdoor Cooking meal didn't taste as best as it should have been and you guys didn't complain when you had to help to wash dishes - honestly y'all take so much initiative it's truly unbelievable. 

Our camp fire performance might have been ridiculous but I'm sure we all had fun and that's really all that matters! Once again, thanks for being the best patrol I could ever ask for and I hope you guys had fun this March Camp :-)

Patrol aside, the other group of people in Guides that made this March Camp so incredibly special is my wonderful 13atch (': Wow, 我们真的长大了!I still remember the times when we were Year Ones, being so clueless and lost (and having to wash the toilets), and then being Year Twos, having a little bit of extra swag but yet still quite noob (and having to wash the toilets), up to last year when we were Year Threes, being really quite important and useful to our seniors (but still having to wash the toilets) and now we're Year Fours, the coolest and scariest ones of the lot! (toilet cleaners no more) 

Finally being the ones running Night Surprise (and actually the entire camp)

Thanks for being the most wonderful 13atch I can ever ask for - it's really because of you guys that I enjoy coming to Guides so much! We do work together, we support one another, we have fun, we laugh, we talk - you guys are truly amazing. Lying under the stars in the amphitheatre on the second night felt so surreal. Guides has given me such a wonderful opportunity over the last three years to meet people like you, people like you who have grown together with me and I really want to treasure the memories we have gotten together and make the most out of the time we have remaining together as a 13atch. 

The next "obstacle" will be AA'13 - it is in a mere 28 days but I'm sure we can do it, as long as we do it together. Jiayou guys, I love you guys so much (': 

So yes, my March Holidays were made wonderful because of March Camp 2013, I couldn't ask for more wonderful CCA to belong in, honestly. 

Term 2 has just started and week 1 has just passed, with me sleeping at 3am daily for the entire week. But I have still managed to remain energetic in school (sometimes I wonder how I'm able to do it) but apart from sleep-deprivation, it has been pretty alright :) Here's to an amazing Term ahead! 

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