Thursday, August 23, 2012

Such an apt quote to those burdened by the many assessments they are being thrown with. 

Even for myself, I have been sleeping at insanely late timings, or should I say extremely early (into the morning)? Sometimes, when I wake up the next day, I don't really know why I even stayed up for. Most of the time, I stay up late because I'm just too high and can't get to sleep so I end up doing a lot of work with a lousy quality. On Tuesday, I actually stayed up till after 3am doing work that wasn't even urgent because I just felt so jumpy and excited over nothing in particular. 

I guess that's a good thing  - at least I stay up feeling happy and not stressed. If this is what growing up feels like, I don't mind it at all. Yes, I'm sorry for being on an overly positive mood these few days, I don't even know why myself. But yes, on the topic of growing, I constantly wonder how growing old will feel like. Do you? 

I mean, I look at my grandparents and wonder how they'd be feeling - they don't know what social media or even the Internet is or how to use it, they don't own mobile phones and the only form of media they are exposed to is at most the television and newspapers. Don't get me wrong, they are still wonderful wonderful grandparents despite not knowing these things and have an extensive selection of life stories and experiences but I constantly wonder if they feel a bit left behind as times change. 

Will I be like this when I grow older? Will I not be able to connect with my grandchildren (if any) because I'm lacking behind with the times? But the thing is, my generation is exposed to this sort of new technology since we are young and most of us are educated. Won't we constantly keep up with the changing scenes of society by saying reading the newspapers or accessing the Internet? Why would a generation gap be formed between us and the next generation? 

I brought this questions up to my brother and well he gave me an answer that kind of  made sense, although I still have my doubts. He said that in future, when we grow up, we'd be too busy with our working lives to care about such trends, we'd won't have the time to access Facebook, to see what are the new memes (or whatever the Internet's going to come up with next) and yes, a generation gap would still be formed. It's crazy, not to mention scary, at the thought of myself not being savvy about the trendy or popular things happening in the youth world. 

One day, I would be out-of-touch and young people will be irritated at me because I don't understand what they are talking about. Oh, how very depressing that would be. 

Why am I entertaining such strange and weird thoughts /: Oh yes, perhaps because it's 2am.

On a sidenote, SS PT is over! (: I don't think I did exceptionally well but my examiner was really really nice, especially at the Q&A part when I couldn't find the appropriate words to express my thoughts and he just assured me that he already understood me very well (': I'm left with Chemistry AA! 

If only my life did not revolve simply around Academic/ school commitments.  

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