Friday, April 13, 2012

Gosh, I haven't posted in ages. 

About two weeks I think.
That's crazy. Crazy hectic school schedules have stripped me of my blogging rights. 

I've been thinking. A lot. 
But nothing seems to be clear to me, I'm quite confused. 

Secondary school is probably a time in life where we morph from kids to young adults, it's a transition period where we should be exploring the finding out we who we really are and setting goals for ourselves. Especially so for IP schools in my opinion, as we sort of don't really have to care about acads that much (yeah right), since we don't have O levels and are given a bit more space to explore and experiment. 

But everything's just so fast and so crazy, I don't know if other peers my age are experiencing life just as fast-paced as myself. All these really distracts me from what means the most to me, and it doesn't give me ample time to think and figure out what I should do and how I should continue on from here. 

Sometimes I really wonder if my life will continue to be this crazy even when I grow up. If it's really the case, I'd be really drained. 

The thing is that I already know what I love and what my passion lies in in these two years that I will be in this school. But there are so many other things dragging me down, pulling me from pursuing what I really want to. And I don't know what to do. The only option will be to balance everything well. But that's quite impossible and that will be so tiring. But that's really something I believe in and I truly enjoy doing work for that! I'm willing to make sacrifices even if it means sacrificing a bit of my grades, although my decision will lie on this round of SAs, which I'm probably not going to do well in. 

I can feel that there's a lot of people expecting quite a lot from me and pinning quite a bit of hopes on me, giving me many opportunities and a lot of exposure, much more than I would ever deserve. I really don't want to disappoint these people so I don't know what to do oh goodness.

On a sidenote, I have Social Studies AA, History PT and Literature AA all due next week.
But I'm quite pumped for tomorrow! (or rather today since it's so late)
South Division Day and RI01 Campfire

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