Saturday, January 7, 2012

The past week was Orientation Week for the Year Ones of 2012, and I was involved in most of the activities, including the Sleepover on Friday night, leading to the Orientation Concert.

As drained and tired as I am, this is something that I definitely have to blog about. It was such an amazing experience because this is my first time involved in Orientation apart from the one I participated in in Sec One.  Only after this week did I realize how difficult it was to be a Student Leader. The Sec Ones look up to you and no matter how tired and drained you were after all the lessons and all, when meeting them, you just had to put on a smile and be bright and bubbly!

Sometimes, even after all the effort you have put in, you don't get appreciated by them and get brushed off (or even worse, told off) by the sec ones. It's sacrificial and it might look like a glamorous job at times, but behind the scenes, so much work is put into everything and I appreciate everyone (especially those behind my own orientation) even more now.

I really do hope the Sec Ones enjoyed their first orientation because the hard work put into planning it is really a lot! I'm not saying that we should be appreciated/ rewarded because as cheesy and cliche as it sounds, a leader should make sacrifices. My only wish is that the past week was an experience of a lifetime. 

I was rather disappointed though, at their enthusiasm (or lack thereof) during Raffles Initiation (RI) sessions where we teach them Rafflesian cheers and songs. Many of them weren't cheering or singing, it was upsetting but they became better during the Orientation Concert when PB led in cheers in front of the parents and everything (: Perhaps pressure makes them cheer! 

But one thing I noticed was that this batch of sec ones loved House so much! During a particular session of RI , I mingled with 113 - a Waddle class. They weren't singing the songs nor cheering but instead, were writing "Waddle" and drawing ducks all over on a notebook. And House station games was the next day - they were only introduced to House in a brief half an hour previously but we have made such an impact on them already!  I didn't know whether to ask them to stop drawing or not :P Then, one of them asked me what the badge on my left collar was and I told them House Comm and that I was from Waddle. They actually cheered! It was a bit awkward but heartening to know how much they loved Waddle already! 

I shall not run through the entire Orientation programme but it was amazing (: 
I'm so fortunate to be given such an opportunity to spend time with the Year Ones and help them integrate into the Raffles Community.

On a side note, the first week of being a Year Three was quite awesome as well! 306 seems really bonded already and we're such a lively bunch! I have some pretty amazing and talented classmates. And I think most of us hit off really well so I'm glad (: We have the coolest Social Studies teacher as well! He allowed us to eat in every SS class and asked me for permission to grant the class that privilege! My class is really quite entertaining (': 

OBS next week, I'm super afraid cos I'm not the super fit kind! But I'll just try my best I guess :D Wish me luck hehe. 


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