Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I just realized I don't have a recent photograph of my brother and I.

Oh well, he doesn't enjoy having photographs taken of him I think, much less with this sister of his.
I'm sorry I haven't been blogging recently but I was really really sick. Alright, not 'really really' but I was quite sick and it felt terrible. Down with a sorethroat and a terrible flu and I'd like to say fever as well to gain pity points but it wasn't quite a case of fever. 

Actually, I have been sick for the past couple of days and I realized I didn't even blog about my Guides COH camp which was held on the 2-3 of December. It was really really good and fun. Christina, Fatima, Ragini, Jing En, Valerie, Ailica and myself were gossiping and talking about juicy and interesting stuff. We are seriously so deprived sigh. But I love you guys so much!

Alright so what's been up with my life? I have been dwindling my time away. I mean, there's so much stuff a sick person can do right? But, something quite crazy's gonna happen tomorrow.

My brother, (yes that handsome guy sitting beside me in the picture above) is going to enlist into the army! By the way, he used to be so handsome when he was younger. He's not ugly or anything now, but he isn't as dashing hehe :D Anyway, it's quite scary to think that that room would be empty for quite a while. As in, I know he's coming back occasionally and everything but I won't see him that often and it makes me wonder how life would go on.

I know, it isn't something extremely major but all my 14 years on this cruel planet, this brother figure has always been there. Whoever can I ask if I have any Science/ Philosophy related questions? Who's plate can I dump my leftover dinner on? I mean, the dustbin could be an option, but it would be quite wasteful. It's not going to be a sad or negative change, but something's going to be different, that's for sure. As for my brother, it seems like a big milestone for him - from a guy to a man. I'm quite proud of him sigh (': /motherly instincts/

Anyway, I've been addicted to this game on Facebook recently - don't worry, I get obsessed to things for good reasons, I don't see myself as a particularly frivolous person. The game's called Wetopia and you can play it here on Facebook. Seriously, go play it! Because by playing and earning "Joy", you can actually send joy to the less fortunate in Haiti/ US/ and soon to be available Africa. 100 Joy points translates to say, 2 hot meals for a Haiti kid. So how does this work? By playing the game, it will get more popular = advertizers would want to advertize at the sidebars and some players would buy Facebook credits. So 50% of Wetopia's earnings will go to the cause which you have selected :D

So far, I've given 4 hot meals to kids in Haiti, and helped in keeping kids healthy in a Haiti classroom :D Oh, and I've sent 1 litre of water to help children in the real world as well! (:

Although I can't see what I have done, I think that this game is amazing and I trust the producers to donate what they have said to do and I have ultimate faith that they are doing it because of celebrity endorsements of this game by names such as Ellen Degeneres. So play the game! Make a difference (: It's actually really fun too! 

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