Friday, September 9, 2011


sorry i'm hyperventilating . but seriously he's so amazing .
might not be the buffest guy , he might not look too handsome .

but he's so cute , he's tongue is amazing - its so fast .
and his brain ! his brain is works wonders . all his lyrics have so many smart and just damn witty hidden meanings .

and did i ever mention that i completely adore what he stands for !
turning down ad campaigns (which promised him a lot of money by the way) due to the fact that he didn't want to be rapping about something he himself didn't like .

that's definitely to be respected .
he knows that we're living in a capitalist society and he understands that he needs to eat too but quoting him " i don't need to be rich " .
who would actually turn down money just because they knew what they really stood for and believed in ? it's seriously so amazing and gosh ! RESPECT !

heh this is such a lousy post but i hope it convinced you to download his mixtape album "A New Kind of Sexy" . it's so good .

i think i'm a bit crazy .

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