Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reese's peanut butter cups , oh so sinful but so so so good ! It's the perfect blend of salty and sweet ! These are going to accompany me while I mug hard for the coming EYAs . The speed of the eating of the peanut butter cups are wayy faster than my pace in studying , oh man why is this happening !

Okay anyway , life has been really really scary and it's been quite an experience so far . So , as some of you might know , I'm now a prefect in training (I'm not quite sure how I got through the interview but I'm quite happy) and it's the second intake so it's quite scary cos like most of my batch already know each other but I'm trying to fit in so yup (:

My brother and I now have a pretty good sibling relationship I'm quite glad . I love the feeling when we sit across each other with our books , papers etc and like sometimes we pig out on food together . (Yes , it sucks having to share but ah well , I think sharing has its benefits as well) My brother is currently writing his KI paper for the A levels , super last minute but I think he'll do quite good ; it's on the philosophy of language , I've read it and although I don't understand half of the stuff he wrote , it seems quite impressive ! JIAYOU brother for your A levels , I know it's kind of stressful now (although you don't seem to appear stressed out) . Peanut butter cup for you ? :D

Okay and yesterday we had RS presentation to sort of wrap up the entire year's Philosophy project which I embarked on together with Angelia , Jie Lin and Hui Min. It was super demoralizing to sit through the other people's presentations cos we were in the Philosophy / English Lit and Lang group and most of the people who took up these subjects were GEP (lol inferiority complex but i think it can't really be avoided) and then we felt that our presentation was missing quite a bit of technical information , like most of them followed the structure of the report and it was super systematic whereas for ours , it was kind of all over the place (literally as well actually , since we used prezi and not PowerPoint) . But we went up and I thought it was quite good cos we were the only one who actually got the audience's attention by showing the video clip on Megamind . And the Q&A was quite funny , at least we managed to answer the questions so good job guys :D We finally did it (:

Hehe I feel like blogging about the philosophical themes in Megamind but I definitely don't have the luxury of time right now . After the EYAs then , after the EYAs ! :D

Oh and did I mention that my Piano exam is this monday ? oh wish me luck although it's kind of a confirm fact that I would fail it xD

#notetoself : make homemade peanut butter cups after the EYAs / during the mugging period . constantly buying reese's will make me quite broke .

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