Friday, July 8, 2011

hello my dearest friends ((:
I'm really really happy now . Most of my troubles have faded away , and when I went to check my tagbox , I was pleasantly surprised by the tags left ! Especially to Jing En , Ragini and " :D " ! You guys have made my day today , along with many other people .

Right , so why am I in such high spirits ?

firstly , history cba is over and it was quite manageable !
secondly , oral pt is almost over (: yesterday was really horrible .
thirdly , swimmaton was quite boring for me but house comm dinner afterwards was really really so awesome .

you know , i really love waddle house comm . i think we're super bonded and really really cool ! they really made my day so much better . even though i was tired , i actually had the energy to laugh and everything and it was super fun just hobo-ing under the escalator at plaza sing with random guys taking the escalator and throwing m&ms at us . we didn't know what they're intention was but it was so funny . i think i was in my crazy state . ahh , i love waddle house comm , i really appreciate everything you guys have done and i appreciate being in this large family ((:

Yeap , I should start reading up on Philosophy .
or i'd embarrass myself tomorrow at the RI Philo Dialogue . Yikes , I'm quite nervous .

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