Thursday, June 23, 2011

I haven't been doing real work lately .
Anyway , on Thursday , I went out with Emily ! (: After years of meeting her , I knew that she would be late . So I left my house at the time we were supposed to meet cos she never fails to be late . On my way there , I texted her , asking her where she was . She was like "ohno , are you there already ? I'm late again ." So she was there when I reached Hougang ! I'm so smart .

Okay so we went to Marina Square and then all we bought was like food . She couldn't take it already so we decided to go to Far East cos I told her that the stuff there are really good and cheap ! Intially , I didn't want to go there cos I'd be sure to see some of my schoolmates but we still went in the end . Then , we were just walking around the whole place . It's like Bugis Street with air-con so that's pretty awesome . In the end we were super angry cos they didn't sell what we wanted , and the only piece suitable was an ONLY piece . Didn't come in pairs :X So we went to eat dinner first because I wanted to go home and catch Dong Yi :D In the end , we got what we wanted . Not really , but second best (: Haha this is so vague but no one really cares .

Yesterday , Angelia , Huimin , Jielin and I had like this super philo mugging session at bishan library ! It was pretty productive , I finally sorted out all my thoughts on the Principle of Utilitarianism and we discussed on Nietzsche , Sartre , JS Mill , and Kierkegard . At one point , Jie Lin and Huimin were reading chick flicks , Angelia was typing away on Jielin's iPad and I was just drawing :DD

Ohman it looked better in real life but whatever . I used a 0.38 pen so mistakes aren't erasable and therefore it's so sketchy . Don't click it please . Oh and the chicken there is super retarded . I drew the chicken first , then Nietzsche who you probably can't spot but he's the guy right smack in the middle . And then I decided to draw the other Philosophers as well and BAM it turned out pretty cool and I regretted drawing the chicken . But I'm going to expand on this piece of paper and add in philosophers as I read on them so the chicken will be out of place .

Heh .
I'm so tired . and school is starting soon ):

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