Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Phew .
Got over the bout of depression I had earlier today .
Terrible times , I'm experiencing these few days .
And the point is that , I make myself feel like this . No external circumstances affecting my moodswings .
That's the worst part , because I just feel that I'm a piece of shit , can't even control myself , no ?

Bah . Like I said it's over .
what a wonderful phrase , Hakuna Matata , ain't no passing craze :D
It means no worries , for the rest of your days .
It's a problem free , philosophy !
Hakuna Matata .

What a classic , one of my favourite songs of all time . All time .
"Hakuna Matata" is a Swahili phrase , an African language , if I'm not wrong . Literally translated into English , it means "there are no worries".


How I'd wish I'd be able to sing that song and feel as carefree as Timon , Pumbaa & of course , Simba under the influence of the other two .
The Lion King has been one of my favourite movies from my childhood . I remember watching it as a tape , in fact I still have the tape , which is such a classic . If you haven't watched Lion King , then GO CATCH IT ! It's such a wonderful movie . Or perhaps catch it in the musical form at Marina Bay Sands (: I feel like watching it , it's the permanent act of MBS , if I'm not wrong :D

Now , come to think of it , the songs are all really inspirational and just plain awesome .
Elton John and Tim Rice are definitely musical geniuses , with a message to bring across through their beats . How brilliant . Another noteworthy song would be "Circle of Life" . Go check out the lyrics . Truly makes you want to live life to the fullest . Better yet , the original vocals are damn neat . And I love how they always incorporate some sort of foreign language into the songs of The Lion King , which is something that obviously goes with the jungle kind of theme , and this gives the songs a wonderful twist .

I'M GOING TO WATCH IT :D hopefully singapore doesn't not bring it into our theatres . i mean , there's no reason to not bring this film in right ?

I shall blog about my streetsales after my second attempt at streetsales on Friday is done .

Right .
Hakuna Matata (':
love , liyin !

blogging is really a great form of stress relief .
i think i've matured a bit from reflecting on my daily actions ever since i started taking blogging seriously .

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