Friday, April 29, 2011

with so many things happening around me ,
i haven't had the time to take a breather from everything , much less blog about what's causing this fluster .

so , my life has been rather exciting , apart from the exams and stuff which i might elaborate later on , singapore is going through elections ! :D and i kind of consider this my first election since i'm sane and all , and can read newspaper articles . the only memory i had of the last election in 2006 when i was just nine is the vague impression that trucks will driving everywhere with loud speakers blasting "vote for pap" .

RIGHT , i had wanted to write a whole long essay on politics . but i didn't think it was a good idea , i mean i might offend people and stuff so yeah :D

i'm seriously really tired and my energy level is dipping really fast . i've lost a lot of motivation to do a lot of things , and i just disgust myself . i gorge myself with food , i don't exercise , i don't study . i'm just a big piece of crap )':

sigh , BUT I LOVE TUMBLR HEHHEHHEH . that's a sign of addiction , and that's not good either . and i disgust myself , yet again );

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