Monday, March 28, 2011


argh there's 3 papers tomorrow ! ): lit history math . math sucks . it's my ultimate worst subject .
apart from chinese . but that's besides the point .

i have stocked up on my treats that would accompany me tonight . one pack of chips , one bar of chocolate , and one cup of biscuits with a chocolate dip . ohoh and oh so yummy chocolate chip cookies ! i'm gonna put on SO CRAZY A LOT of weight , but its figure or results (: and have just finished a cup of cappuccino . they say you get more caffeine from tea , but who cares right ! (:

i'm gonna try this recipe after the exams ! (: it's like super simple and doesn't need an oven and i think the people cook this for outward bound & home econs :D oh and i have fallen in love with the song FORGET YOU (: this cover by megan lee & arden cho ( YES THAT GIRL FROM AGENTS OF SECRET STUFF . I'M MORE JEALOUS OF HER NOW D: SUCH A GOOD VOICE ) is super super awesome . i have raped the play button ! (:

it's crazy awesome okay !
oh yes and i have just watched MYSTERYGUITARMAN'S 3D video ! yeah i finally got hold of some 3D glasses (: haha youtube is really really progressing :D it was so awesome and real .

i see you driving round town with the guy i love ;
and i'm like forget you (:

love ,
liyin ! ;D

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