Saturday, March 26, 2011

happy earth hour babes (;
get those candles out , and switch those lights off .

i reused my guides candle ! so yeap . hahah . its still good and big and fat anyway .
ohoh & candles are so ... emotional .
i don't know , i think lighting candles are really touching and stuff . like when i see the burning flame instead of the usual light bulbs , it touches my heart and i would reflect about many things . like what my guides senior said , when you look into the puddle of melting wax that is formed below the flame , you can see the clear reflection of the fire , so it's reflective and we should reflect on ourselves as well . for now , i'm just thinking about how fortunate i am , and praying for the victims of the various earthquakes around the world , because we are one community , one earth .
right , so this earth hour , light up a candle and reflect on your life (:
you save the earth & you self-reflect . PEACE ;D
imma wearing a green tee .
love ,

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