Monday, January 31, 2011

hellllllo (:

sorry for not posting for a crazy long amount of time (: but since it's the last day of january , i thought it was significant and it would be good to wrap up the whole exciting month (:

right . it has been raining crazily and it's freaking cold . i was freezing today . sigh , i should have heeded my mom's advice and bring a jacket to school . but i just feel weird wearing jackets in class i don't know why . anyway , it has been raining and raining and IHG opening ceremony keeps getting postponed ): yea , so the awesome waddle banner has not yet been unveiled yet . right . so urm it's chinese new year celebration tomorrow (: awesomeness . and on cny eve my school has declared it a holiday which is awesome because rgs has never had such thing . we didn't even have half days last time . and now a complete holiday when other schools have half day ! wahaha . envy or not ? (:

so obviously i'm going back to my primary school because that's what half days / full holidays are for ! ;DD but uh since no one else as such a privilege of having a full holiday , i think it's gonna be me and jessa ! haha i think she's going back i havent contacted her . but most probably lah . speaking of jessa , i think of my mortal class and my mortal ! wahaha i have abandoned my mortal , i'm so sorry ): but your angel's a busy girl ! D: heh . will make it up to you someday kay !

oh yes and i got stupid flu and cough and whatnot and i'm feeling not so good so i'm gonna sleep now and hopefully i'll get well in time for chinese new year ! ooh so exciting ;D i think older kids are only excited about the money but no , am i being politically correct here , but i really like the meeting of relatives and ohno i think for english language aa or something we'll have to write on our relatives . and it doesn't help that i don't actually know my relatives very well . i kind of know them , but not that well .

right , of course i'll admit that i like chinese new year cos i get to buy new clothes without my mother starring at me with that disapproving eye . haha and that emily asked me to change my dressing and wear more revealing stuff ( HAHA RIDICULOUS LAH . gary will shake his head . ) and more dressy stuff so i got two dresses will prolly fit her criteria and are very ridiculously unlike me and it's so weird and after that i won't dare to wear the dresses already . THANKS EMILY , for helping me waste money buying clothes i'll wear once only .

right , so tomorrow we'll have to don red coloured clothing . i don't have any red clothes , so i guess pink will do just fine ? (: kay hope i won't be booked . and oooooooh tomorrow we have house day meeting so exciting ! meeting my comm members for the first time (: so far we have only conversed through email .

kaythanksbye (:

i love chinese new year .

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