Saturday, January 15, 2011

right . so first things first .
sorry for not posting as often as i did during the holidays . reasons are quite obvious .

okay so urm i think no one ever reads my blog anyway D: haha , oh you know last month , there were 993 visits to my blog (: yeah , just last month . uber cool right . readers from singapore are of course , the most . and united states comes in second ! wahaha so honored (: THANKS AMERICANS . heh .

okay anyway , super a lot of homework this week ): cries .
but yesterday i still had to go for my little cousin's 4th birthday party (: as i was waiting for a bus that would take me to rio vista , suddenly this teenage boy just knelt down in front of me . then i was like what the heck and moved back one step . then he got up , smiled and said sorry repeatedly and walked off . super strange ! D:

okay then went to the function room uh ... the cake was this dora the explorer cake heee . that show is super boring ohmygosh why does my cousin even like it ? can't read into the minds of four year olds . then urm i tried to start a conversation with my autistic cousin ? i grabbed his shoulders like very hard to face mine and looked into his eyes . cos urm my PE teacher said the first thing is to maintain eye contact . then i talked to him ! ohmygosh he actually responded , it was amazing . no one ever had the patience to talk to him so slowly and listen to whatever he was saying . they usually just put it all off as gibberish . but yeah , here was our conversation . it's kind of boring but it's very very meaningful to me . not as in the meaning of the words , but that these are actually what he said .

me : hello !
him : what is your name ? ( ohmygosh success already ! )
me : liyin . you ? ( obviously i knew this (: i just asked it to get a response )
him : caleb .
- long pause - because erh he was already out of focus and looking at something else . THEN he initiated a question himself !
him : where does she live ? ( referring to another cousin )
me : choa chu kang . where do you live ?
him : here ( which is correct . but no , the birthday girl isn't his sister . ) .
- pause -
him : choa chu kang ... you can take the bus 72 from outside there to choa chu kang .

right . it was awesome . but urm the last time i checked , there wasn't a bus service 72 and 72 doesn't go to choa chu kang anyway . NICE TRY COUSIN (:

okay hmmm , life has been pretty busy . my mortal finally replied to me , my chinese teacher is quite scary and i love literature . oh yeah and the guides banner is done hooray .

kaythanksbai (:

love ,
liyin .

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