Tuesday, January 4, 2011


okay so yesterday was funfunfun! (: celebrated gillian's birthday . it was awesome . i'm quite tired and shall not elaborate , but we went to swensens , ate ice cream , went to fairprice , ate sushi , went to icing room , ate cake , went to toast box , drank milo with pearls . AND ANGELIA'S DSLR IS AWESOME ;D photos here (:

okay today was the first day of school for the sec ones (: yes , we upper secondary people need not go to school , but i had to go help out with the house boards and guides for cca orientation . so i went there at 8.30am and did house boards (: wahaha , oh ya jessa is in 104 ! ;D yes , that's my ex-class , and my mortal class , for the angel-mortal letter system thingum . anyway my ex-psl's her psl ! (: kimberly's awesome ;D okay i tried to look for jessa ): but couldn't find her class . anyway , me and nikki were super bored doing the board . then i went for guides shift .

my guides shift was like from 1.45pm to 2something . and the sec ones were only released at 3.30pm . so i was like doing nothing . then i went to change back to my pinafore , and while walking to the j-block toilet , i saw jessa .

but after that , i stayed till 4.45pm to help with guides (: it was super fun ;D our cca was like bribing the sec ones with food LIKE MARSHMALLOWS and meat . we cooked them at the fire my seniors built . it was damn cool . the marshmallows were super awesome . soft on the outside , melt in the mouth inside .

okay tomorrow's the first day of school ):
but at least it's not much . no studying . yet . THERE'S HOUSE MEETING ;D

love ,
liyin .

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