Wednesday, September 22, 2010

" i really just want to be a warm yellow light that pours over everyone i love " ~ conor oberst




OMFREAK . SO FREAKING HAPPY (Y) hee , im creative arts director (: awesome much ;D
so yeah . i shall cover the stuff i mentioned in my previous post ;D

saturday , 18th sept

went for COASTAL CLEAN UP AT EAST COAST BEACH (Y) 4 CIP hours . ahahaha . at first we thought some stuff were cigarette buds , in the end we realised that they were actually tampons . sick , but yeah . like , seriously ? why do they use those in beaches ? or why do they dispose of those in beaches ? OMG , it's super beach-y . hee , get it ? change the "ea" to "it" . LOL LOL LOL . PHOTO TIME ;D

super nice girl (EGO YAY ) in a super nice background . ugh , but stephanie was there ! ARRRGGGGGGH . haha , nevermind , she enhanced my picture (:

yay (: me and justine both got into house comm . ahahahha (: she's the sports captain ;D

ahhh (:

more photos can be found on facebook ;DD hee , then i went home and went to HIPS for mid autumn fest ;D met emily fellow SUPER compatriot at the bus stop . teehee . then went to HIPS . some boys were there already . rachael was there too . then i was helping at the jumble sale thing . hee , quite fun lurh . but ehhhhh , no drama , so sad . wanted to see some couple(s) in action . hmph . damn . then , i bought 2 things from the jumble sale , an inflatable sofa and hand sanitiser . YES I KNOW , IM RETARDED , LOL . me and emily wanted to buy tickets , but sadly don't have . then during the jumble sale , asked huang liyin to help me buy cotton candy . TEEHEE . then that brian hong keep coming , and not buying anything = = he keep saying he need to borrow money . LOL . then i wanted to sell him this "vitality for men" thing . in the end , a man bought it . ahahaha , it's actually messages from God , and brian hong thought it was some rubbery thing . then i went home . so badly wanted to ask my father come and fetch me . but i thought it be cool to walk in the dark alone . so i walked to hougang interchange cos i didn't think the bus stop was save . so i walked . BAD IDEA . my leg was so pain , cos my shoes were cutting me . argh , got a really painful cut . reached home quite late . 10 - 11 plus like that . ugh .

camwhored with EMILY (: in the toilet . HIPS toilets are the best school toilets i have ever been to . seriously.

yes , i know my bangs look really weird . AHAHAHAH , it'll grow out anyway (: but i'm kind of liking it now (:

sunday , 19th september

went to grandma's house for birthday celebration . played MONOPOLY card game with my brother and my cousin . yes , it's a card game . it's quite cool (: better than the board game , i guess . hee , i was losing like crazy cos it was my first time . then after that , during the most difficult round , I WON . AHAHAHHA . they surrendered (: GIRL POWER WHOOOO .

ate super a lot . ugh . damn it .

monopoly card game ! ;D LOL my cousin's leg looks damn awkward .

camwhored in the car(: i love how the leaves of the trees are there ;D

monday , 20th september

teehee , school was quite good . during bio we watched HOUSE . AWESOMENESS . then i went on this POPULAR SHOPPING SPREE . omg , i spent about 10 dollars on stationary in 10 minutes . and the worst thing was that , it was IN SCHOOL . crazy much . so i kind of spent my time during lessons removing price tags . ahahaaha

tuesday , 21th september

hee , school was alright . had philosophy , but i didn't contribute . surprisingly mr lim er yang doesnt call me (: then went to thomson plaza to study after school (: surprisingly it was SUPER PRODUCTIVE . YAY
huimin unglam ;D

wednesday , 22 september

YAY it's today (: ahahahah . reached school at about 6.55 am ? justine , gillian , stephanie and lijia were already making their way to the KS Chee theatre for HOUSE COMM RESULTS ! ;D i asked them to wait . so i ran to my class , put down my bag and ran to the theatre . then mrs alina wee was talking about house comm and how its a leadership position , stringent selection which had 4 stages - our application form , teacher's recommendation , interview and the checking of our conduct (: and OMG i got creative arts director ! im the only year 1 in CAD for waddle ): oh wells . in 104 , only me and justine got in house comm . NEVERMIND , I STILL LOVE ALL OF YOU ;D ahahaha . this was what i drew for house comm (: i didn't actually apply for CAD , my anissa told me to draw something ;D so that maybe i can be CAD or something .

i dont understand how this could have got me into creative arts , but yeah (: im happy ;D i hope i'll be able to design the house tee or something , together with the other seniors ;)

heehee , then i went for study session again at thomson ;D ate chicken rice . LOL , there were two uncles also buying . then they go and help me take the tray and utensils. i was like ... "erm ... thanks ." it was damn weird . i mean , a stranger helping you take your fork and spoon . it was damn strange . ahahaha . did quite a bit today too (: yay ;D tomorrow 's oral PT . hee , OMG , i feel super unprepared , can ? oh wells .

anyway , YAY IM IN A GOOD MOOD .

bye (:
love ya

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