Friday, September 17, 2010

" reputation is a bubble which man bursts when he tries to blow for himself " ~ anonymous

so erm , got back a few mid year exam results . yes i know . sooooooo late . so hmm ... for english literature , i got ... 15 / 20 ! ;D not bad , considering the top in class is 16 (: then urm , for chinese 实用文 , which is letter writing , i got 15.5/20 ;D the top is 16.5 ! heehee , quite satisfied , cos my letter writing has never been good .

anyway , chanced upon this picture .

super sick can ?
i chanced upon it D: i didn't go look for sick stuffs . it was on GOOGLE . teehee , if you don't get it , then , well , pure you .

during aesthetics , the teacher made me damn pissed . i shall not talk bad about any particular person . it's not the dance teacher , anyway . does she expect everyone to know how to play the box instrument when one has never played it before ? so what if i'm grade 8 for piano ? piano is different , can ? say what , im grade 8 so im actually PURPOSELY playing wrong notes . she expects "MORE" from higher grade people ? PLEASE LARH . luckily next week is the last lesson . hmm , will i get into trouble for writing this ? but i didn't state name , so should be okay right ? hopefully , if cannot please tell me okay ? (:

but assembly was awesome . had T.H.E dance company with us . T.H.E stands for the human expression and OMG the dance was so good , it's contemporary / modern dance and it was like , all abounded with feelings and stuff . IN LOVE .

and guides was good (Y) OMG IM IN LOVE WITH THE BANANA SONG I TOLD EMILY AND GILLIAN ABOUT . chanced upon it , and its awesome . i chance upon weird and funny stuff .

okay , done with this post .
tomorrow going back to HIPS for mid autumn festival at night (:
and in the morning , have coastal cleanup at east coast park . PACKED .

love ,

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