Friday, August 27, 2010


went to school , chinese first period . had chinese oral . i waited outside . then im index number 36 , the last person in my class . when it was 35's turn , the bell rang , so teacher asked me to go back into class , i will be tested another day D: ugh , i thought i could get it over and done with . somemore i'll be the only one D:

hmm , had aesthetics today it was a new module . we did percussion music and i had to play the boxing instrument thingy as i was one of the higher grades in piano and it's so difficult cos i'm not used to it cos i had to use the drumsticks and beat the thing . it's like a xylophone . ahh , my hands can't coordinate , but oh well . and cos it's the main melody , it's super embarrassing when i play wrongly . then after that we had dance module ! LATIN AMERICAN DANCE . i think it's awesome (: it's super cool . then assembly ...

then after that , went to class , chinese teacher went to find me . had to do my chinese oral . so went to a spare classroom . the topic changed , so i was asked , "现在的学生想要穿便服上学,你谈谈你对这个现象的看法。" then i think i talked a lot of crap . haha , but still quite okay i guess . but i think i flunked it . okay , i'm like not making sense , but ya ...

had lunch and then went back to class , kimberly , our JPSL was there . me and justine were acting crazy and dancing stupidly . haha . oh , then kimberly asked me if i wanted to be a PSL then i was like , ermmmm ... haha so random . then some of them crowded round her and she told us about the selection and stuffs .

then after that , went to WADDLE HOUSE COMM INTERVIEW ! ;DD but i think i screwed it up . oh wells , shall just wait for the results . haha .


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