Sunday, August 22, 2010

hello friends (:
it's another post on the same day ;DD ahahaha . went to pick my brother up . oh well , he bought 14 books from england = = about philosophy ?! he's seriously mad . but that's who he is . BUT AT LEAST he bought a souvenir for me (: i thought he would just get something small and stuffs , but he bought me a BEAR (: ahaha , it's the one on top . it's SOO CUTE .

he went to the palace in england , and this bear is dressed up as one of the Queen's guard . u know , i was like so shocked . and the bear is wearing the tall tall black hat i used to see in mr. bean's shows ;DD it's called a bearfur or something . ahaha , the irony of it all .

but oh wells , it's made in china . as usual . it's so ridiculous . it cost like , what , 10 pounds ? that's about more than 20 singapore dollars . considering my brother's stingy self , that's quite an accomplishment (: YAY he made my day . WELCOME BACK BRUDDER . and THANK YOU .

okay , now for some really random photos ...

so our school gave us this sports drink on thursday or something ? then i got the yellow lemon lime one and nai jie lin was lucky and got the blue blueberry one . then we mixed it and this was the result (: a gummy-bear green colour ;DD

oh oh and this is OMGOSH so so SINFUL . it's a bowl of chocolate ice cream , with chocolate chip cookies and vanilla wafers . IT'S DELICIOUS OKAY . i had that yesterday i think . YUM . yay . BUT FAT FAT FAT . hee , once a while should be okay , yeah ?(:


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