Friday, August 6, 2010

helloh my dear friends (:

alright , so today had national day celebrations in school ! yay whee . hee , had a whole pile of homework waiting for me . cos i didn't come yesterday . ASTHMA ATTACK , you see . but i've recovered (: YAY .

anyway , from school , i took 190 from the opposite bus stop to orchard mrt with justine . we wanted to go to tangs plaza to grab a bite . i was soooooooo craving for unagi sushi and she was craving for her tori-Q thingy . but it wasn't open yet ! it only opens at 10:30 D: argh , sometimes being too early is NOT GOOD . so , we went separate ways (:

from orchard , i took mrt to dhoby ghaut and changed line . then i took to hougang . on the way , i sms-ed huang liyin , xin rong , wei ping , joanne , julian , jun yuan and other people i forgot . to ask them if they were going back to hips . OH AND BIBIANA OF COURSE (: i asked her what time the exco meeting started and ended . but i couldn't make it at 10.30 , cos too rush . so i walked a while at hougang mall . cos i wanted to see them at 11.30 , when the exco meeting ended . then i saw the first ex-hipster . if i remember correctly , her name is jacintha or something like that . then i realised i should just go back to hips , cos if i wasted my time in hougang mall , i wouldn't get to see any teachers . so i walked to hips . then i saw annabel , with 2 other friends . she recognised me (: she was like , HI so loudly . then a big group of teachers walked down the pavement there . then i so awkward like that . so i turned back and walked back . then annabel from across the road was like looking at me , probably wondering why i was so weird . hahahah .

ANYWAY , when i finally made it to HIPS gate , i thought will have a big group of people , but don't have lehh , only li hui and eileen ! hahaha , but good enough , at least im not alone .

then we waited ,
and waited ,
and waited .

then i was so hot in the sun and i walked to the bubbletea shop nearby . WHOA , so many memories (: bought an oreo + chocolate ice blend (:

then we waited ,
and waited ,
and waited .

then li hui had to go . BYE li hui (: she complained that she was wasting time . hahah , and she had a headache . but she say at least she never waste a trip , cos she saw me . awwh , hahah . then we took photos and off she went .

then i sneakily took a photo of eileen . so cute right ? drinking her bubbletea . if im not wrong , it's a peach milk tea . ahahahah .

then , xin rong came (: YAY I LOVE YOU XIN RONG ;DD

haaha , then i remember there were still a few boys who came also . forgotten their names . then jun yuan came ! ;DD eileen didn't believe it was him . LOL . then saw carisia (: at first i couldn't recognise her with her bangs . then at 11.30 like that ,

THE EXCOS CAME OUT (: with mr . ng too . haahah , said hi and stuffs . BIBIANA WAS SO AWESOME , she was screaming and everything (: AWWWWH . I LOVE YOU . then we hugged . ahhhhh , i love the feeling .
then they asked me to go to kovan macs with them . but i didn't want to "pao qi" xin rong and eileen , so i consider for a while . the rest of them went first , but BIBIANA waited for me to consider (: YAY SO I WENT WITH HER (: BYE EILEEN AND XIN RONG , I LOVE YOU GUYS . MUACKS .

so , bus-ed to kovan . chen [is it chen?] lao shi took bus with us (: talked a bit with us . she's quite cute & nice larh , even though she never teach me before ;DD haa , then me and bibiana walked to macs , cos they said they wanted to go there . reached there , couldn't find them . then they sms-ed bibiana , said that they were at KFC . haha . so fun there . but sheffield and cheryl didn't go . annadine too , cos she fainted in school earlier .

the p6-ers were all complaining about school and stuffs . ESPECIALLY friendship problems . it's like SO DAMN COMPLICATED LARH , this year's batch . like even the teachers also involved like that . but a lot of funny things happened also , they told me . i was laughing like mad . but the 小 jon keep saying im "isolated" from them , cos idk what they were talking about . haha , but i kinda get what they say , okay ? (: LOL . then jon was like , he say im a 大孩子 with all the 小孩子 . LOL . cute much . i thought will be quite awkward , as some juniors i don't really know . but it was AWESOME . yay .

went to buy the ultimate value box thingy , as i always do , but traded up my mash potato for cheese fries . but in the end i cannot finish , so this was what i left there:

OKAY YES . i know there are so many starving kids there in africa and all over the world . but , but . ARGH . im guilty enough already .

anyway , they were going to jessa's house . walked at the underpass there . so bid-ed farewell and jon gave me his handphone number . LOL . FINALLY he knows he's handphone number . he changed his number . hahah , the old one i had was wrong . so i went to the bus stop . but i forgot what bus to take to my house , so i randomly took a bus . it took me to hougang interchange = = oh well , so i took 132 from there . when i passed by hips , I SAW SO MANY PEOPLE . darn i missed it . i wanted to alight , but i already missed the stop . I SAW JASMINE TEO , JOANNE and the SD9 gang , minus emily . i also saw zoelyn and so many other people . IM SO SUAY . ARGGGH . never mind , TEACHER'S DAY OKAY ? (:


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