Tuesday, July 13, 2010


so , what happened eh ? i can't really remember . erm , past few days ... i remember i watched world cup . pretty boring , no goals at the start , only at the extra time , one goal only . so boring . but octopus paul is correct . haha , he's so smart . but he's retiring . anyway , had school dental checkup yesterday . still had 4 baby teeth :P hee , dentist say she wanted to pluck all out for the next 4 consecutive days . so after school went to pluck out one and today after school went to pluck out another . tomorrow i'm going to visit her to pluck out another one . actually , it's not pain ... even the injection . the feeling is actually quite "shuang" even though the tooth isn't shaky at all . poor dentist , had to use all her might to pull out my teeth . i'm sorry . hee . there was so much blood D: since it's not a natural "drop" . haha , but i like it . 

then after that went to D&T workshop . tricia , valerie and lei zuo were there . they were doing their puppets . i finished , but i wanted to test again with the batteries . took a video of my puppet moving on its own with the help of batteries of course ! my hand is covering the sensor that makes the puppet move . 

i'm not sure if the video works , but here it is (: 

i have no idea why it's in youtube format . i didn't even upload it to youtube ... LOL . but anyway ... 
took 132 home biting gauze , just like yesterday D: 

alright , done (:

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