Saturday, July 3, 2010

happy fourth of july ! not that it concerns us anyway . or rather , me . 
it's sunday and well , tomorrow's youth day ! so there's no school , so i'm happy . hahah . on friday , i painted my monkey puppet . u know the one i have been talking about ? but i finally got to bring it home to complete . 

when u pull the string , the monkey's arms and a leg moves . so cute right ? and i painted "MONKEY" on the front of it's shirt and "business" at the back . i love it , i think it's really awesome . cos it's like , all my work ;DDDDD . the cutting of the wood , the melting and bending of plastic , the drilling of the holes , the designing of the puppet . OMG . i'm feeling so proud  . and i love the shading of the monkey's head at the back ! i love how the brown blends . haha , and see that box on the top right hand corner ? there's all the wires and stuff , so this puppet won't be hand operated ! it'll be light-sensored ;DDD meaning when i cover light from it , it'll move . AWESOME (: i can't wait to attach my puppet to those electrical stuffs , but i'm not sure if i did it correctly , so we had to melt metals and it was terribly scary . ugh . im so scared . 

oh oh , and when i finished painting , i took a photo of my "working space" i think the photo's really artistic , especially in black and white (: 

and one in colour ! not that nice , in my opinion . anyway , it's not a posed picture . haha , alright , bye ! ;DDDDD

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