Thursday, June 24, 2010

i shall not touch on KING OF POP in this post , since my previous one's already dedicated to him . ANYWAY , yesterday i had a BRILLIANT time chatting with bibiana and matthew ! in my status . so , it was pretty tedious . 

130 comments ! all by the 3 likers ;DD hee , so nice and funny . 

look at all my notifications ! two of them flooded it ;DD haha , click to enlarge the picture . 

this was how it started . actually me and matthew were already chatting at rachael sim's status . then bibiana joined in ! ;D

so me and matthew had 32 comments at rachael's status ... 

and how matthew ended the convo with a nice 130 number (: haha , we ended at about midnight last night . it was awesome . both of them were using the facebook on their phones , so i guess it was really tiring for them but THANK YOU ! it was really fun talking to u guys . 

then , under my blankets on my bed , i sms-ed both of them saying STUFF . hahahaah , and both of them replied at about the same time . heee . mr . and miss . low . they're siblings .LOL . 

bye ! ;DD

p/s: i love hamburgers more than pizzas . but of course , i love MCWINGS from KFC the best (:

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