Saturday, June 19, 2010

just came back from compass with my mother . went there and bought a lot of stuffs , saw a really cute tee on sale . super cheap , so bought it . it's HAPPY TREE FRIENDS design . those gross but cute videos . if u never watch before , here is a sample (: 

this is the print of my shirt . it's GIGGLES getting her skin ripped . hee . not as gross , but still cute . hahaha . 
then at compass there have the ICING SHOP or something like that , forgot the name . it's like , they have plain white cakes for people to decorate . at first i thought will be very ex , but turn out to be quite cheap . like , $11 plus for the smallest cake . then they also provide icing and basic decos . so cool , but never do larh . next time MUST do with friends ;DD
then went to burger king for dinner . 
then went home . blogging ;DD 

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