Friday, June 18, 2010


had 6R7'09 class gathering yesterday ;DD it was pretty fail , but quite fun anyway . met up with ex classmates (: i went to kovan mrt and there were quite a few people there already . SURPRISINGLY emily came earlier than me . but anyway , waited a while and off we went to ryan tan's condo . went immediately to the function room . took quite long for everyone to get settled before playing the first game - double whacko / wacko . played that in school , can sabo people . heh . i think victor's a not bad "protector" , heh . he's one cool cat [think 2009 end of year concert , my "comments" for his singing :P ] then those people who were the whackers 3 times had a forfeit . then emily said playing H2O , which is a game i hate platypus shit . then gary suggested hide and seek , which i second . but he gave in to them . so what can i do ? just don't play lorh . then they went out of the function room , and we followed . vernise didn't feel like playing too , so me and her went to the baby pool to play with the water and wet our legs . we waved to them from afar and in the end , most of them came . HAH ! so they never play H2O . fantastic . the boys psycho psycho try to "challenge" themselves to jump from one "rock" to another , in the end fall into the pool and embarrass themselves . if only julian can upload the videos on facebook or something ;DD

then i got myself all wet jumping in the pool , 

then the boys slide down the slide in the baby pool with their clothes on , then i saw this woman tell the passing security guard something like , "are they allowed to?" then the security guard came and tell us to lower our volumes . i didn't hear the rest of what he said . then they all came out of the pool and went back to the function room . then we started eating ? so many tibits ><  , so little real food . hah , but i proved myself by not eating any tibits ;DD yay ! then played truth or dare , which was horrendous . didn't enjoy it much . but nigel was super "suay" and the bottle kept pointing to him . hee .
then i forgot when victor asked me to play bball with him ? then i go and call vernise and johanah to join . he went to take another ball so we played a bit first . 
then the security guard chased us out . heh . 

then it was slack ? played blow wind blow which was quite okay . except for the interruptions from nigel and gary . BLOW WHAT . then saw JESSA ;DD hee , said hi and blablabla . then went back to the game . 
then celine ng came halfway through the game . she joined in , then after that emily suggested seaweed relay , but bad response , so it wasn't carried out . then forfeit time ! they had to drink a mixture of stuff . heh , i thought the whipped cream looked tempting . kerwin helped me spray  a lot into a cup , and i added a wee bit of pepsi . it tasted like those rootbeer floats .


then started hide and seek . me and gary were the seekers . celine toh just came out and went to the function room = = then xuan wei , megan and yu song didn't hide . found celine ng . but we asked them to go and hide again ? me and gary were walking around the condo , like a maze . and he walks damn fast = = then found johanah and vernise . vernise was eating a very large swiss roll and her mouth was filled with cream . unglam much , but very cute . 

then me and gary went to this stairs and went down , brought us to this dark , wet and smelly place . gary went in first of course . then he laughed , so i went in . WHOA , it's like this never ending corridor with doors or something . its like some rubbish place . i laugh like crazy when we were walking up . then we walk one big round , and he disappeared . went to the toilet with johanah , then went back to the function room , where so many people were hiding . then after that some boys came back and everyone was back , except gary = =  LOL , then they started some auction thingy . luckily the food i brought were all eaten up , then went to kovan mrt . decided to go to vivocity with amanda , celine ng and emily . went there , played at the waterpark ,
and then at the arcade , played guitar hero with emily , which i obviously pwned , like , i got 23000++ and she got like 13000++ ? hah , the next game she was a bit better , but i still won her . hahahahahah . then went to eat burger king cos we were all so hungry . we bought burgers and fries and a drink while celine ng bought onion rings and a drink . saw CHARLENE  YAP ;DD with other rg b-ballers . celine ng saw her b-baller friend too . probably some b-ball thing . 

then went home . and some tourists asked us how to go to orchard road from habourfront , we said got to change lines , and since we were heading to the same direction , we will bring them . they were very grateful ;DD then we chat and blah . they were from Philippines , and said they would tour us around as well if we went there (: but i was wondering ... orchard road had a flood yesterday , would be cleared by today ? even if so , many shops would not be open , would it ? but heck care . care so much for what . but still , i consider it as a good deed done (: 

mrt-ed to ang mo kio mrt and bus-ed home . horrible bus ride it was . it was freaking crowded and i had to stand . and i stood in front of this guy who kept starring at me . and another guy kept laughing for no apparent reason . i wanted to turn but it was so packed in the bus . ugh . but i survived it .  


went out with brother and aunty to compass point , eat lunch at the soup restaurant . then went to starbucks , ordered a white chocolate mocha frauppuccino while my brother , obviously being crazy and retarded as usual , ordered a americano with an extra shot of espresso . an americano is water plus espresso and espresso is just this super thick coffee small cup of coffee without any sugar or milk or sweetener , for people to just drink to wake themselves up . an espresso is ultra bitter , but my brother loves it . mine is super sweet ;DD heh . then a caucasian put some keychains on our table with a note saying something like "i am deaf , if you would like to buy these , 1 is for $6 and 2 is for $10 . thank you" but we declined . he nodded his head and smiled anyway , and walked away . then i passed by macs and saw the cool mcflurry outlet . the one at compass point allows you to mix and match the toppings of the mcflurry and it made me think of SBK outing , where we went there and bought it ;DD then my brother had to go to school , for his bridge club thingy in RI(JC) . then i went home . and here i am (: 


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