Saturday, May 15, 2010

i shall update now ;DD 
okay , so i had my 2.4km run ! (: heh . skipped lunch so i had time to do the book cover thingy ;DD done the front door . super proud of myself (: [and classmates too, larh. of course] then went for 2.4km run . super scary okay ? being the last index number , i had to go with the last batch . i saw other batches run and they made it look so easy . they just ran and ran . i was like , WTH ? why is everyone so pro ? then it was my turn . first 4 rounds were fairly okay . my 1st round timing was about 1 min something , then 2nd round 3 min something. that means i took about 2 min to run the 2nd round . but after that , my timing just kept deteriorating . then my recorder , jie lin decided to run with me for the 5th round to spur me on . but i just couldn't , cos i was afraid i would get asthma attack . i felt the asthmatic type of breathless feeling .  so i walked and run . there was this girl from another class i didn't know , then she was like , cheering for me . it was super touching .  then i tried to chiong the last round . but then i couldn't so i just chiong at the end a bit . 

I PASSED ! ;DD but it's a D . 
i actually expected an E . so , it's good . but i'm 3 seconds to C ?! i hate being 13 . then i went back to class where everyone was super red and sweaty . whoa , at least we had air con and were blasting it at a super low degree . then i bought 100 plus from the students raising funds . walked to the bus stop with deborah and then i saw the girl from the other class still running . so i cheered her on ! ;DD i was like , JIA YOU ! u can do it ! (: and she was like , clenching her fist with motivation and smiling and nodding . went home and was dead tired . 

had the last house pract and psl session . for house pract we just did mass dance and cheers . it was quite okay , i guess . but the sun was freaking hot and now i can see tan lines . damn obvious . like i went sun tanning or something . 

heh . i'm one of those yellow people , if u can see me . we were preparing for the sports fest in school . 
mass dance but we were not dancing cos the teacher wanted to see our formation first . can u see the word we spelt out ? not very clear but it's supposed to be 


but it's not really clear . oh well . my house is doing the "A" . 
then we had HOUSE PARTY ! ;DD it was all yellow food . we had great fun and it was super cool . we were all late for psl session . psl session was really fun too . they gave us prezzies which were all super nice and we had a PARTY too ! ;DD with all the delicious food (:
then our PSLs gave us this awesome CD with this video they made . unglam pics of me . but oh well . it seems as if we're graduating or something . but it's actually only 4 months . heh ;D thanks PSLs - 104 CLASSICS ;; MWACCKSS . 
maegan , weiting and clarissa , carly , kimberly , sonia , selene .  
super love them . I'LL MISS HOUSE PRACTs AND PSLs SESSIONS much (': 

less than 3 , 

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