Saturday, May 8, 2010

went to school today for HOUSE PRACTICE 6 ;DD 
hey , why am i cheering ? it was freaking hot under the sun ... but oh well , i like house practs (:

went to school at about 7am + ? not many people were there ... then the house comm came to our class to ask the few of us to report to the mini amphi . then we went there ... then it was some telematch thingy today . so our first station was at the tennis court . i have never been there before and we played some really fun games against BUCKLE . we used tennis racquets to hit badminton shuttlecocks . it was really stupid and i kept laughing . WADDLE lost ): but that's only the first round ! ;DD then we decided to try again with another BUCKLE team . this time , we also used badminton shuttlecocks but we played with table tennis bats ! ;DD haha ! this time we won ! yay ! WADDLE ftwwww . 

then we went to another station & another ... i forgot what they were )): then after that , we went to the basketball court to play ... basketball ! of course larh ... i mean ... it's the basketball court ! ;DD wow ! WADDLE  scored 90 shoots in 7 minutes ? and that's including the tedious travelling time we had to take by using newspapers and all that . super complicated . but we won all the 0ther houses ! :DD muahahahahah . we won like , 2 out of 4 stations already . so we just had to win one more station to be the CONFIRM CHAMPS of the day (: so we went to the first station again and RICHARDSON and HADLEY was there ;DD we were scheduled to play against RICHARDSON ! ;DD then we played 1 game and we WON ! ;DD we used the tennis racquets one . 

then we went for mass dance practice . it was combined house mass dance with all the formations and everything . it was quite fun except for the hot sun . but the colours were beautiful . it was like ,  WADDLE TARBET HADLEY BUCKLE RICHARDSON super colourful . we practice mass dance for sports fest and OPEN HOUSE 2010! ahhh ... that reminds me ... JUNIORS ! come on down for RGS open house on 22 May ! ;DD you might see me there (: 

anyway , just went to a track quite far from my house but within a walking distance . it was like , amongst those flats which were not that big . so the people there were quite rowdy . i'm not ostracizing them but it really was rowdy there . then i ran 7 rounds in 19 minutes . which is like , SUPER SLOW . but it was like , for leisure so i walked half of it . anyway , near the track , there was some argument or fight of some sort . like , there was this woman shouting to a man with ALOT of 旁观者 she was like “我要带我女儿走。” and the man did not want and like , wanted to hit her or something so some people stopped him . then it was like , a really heated argument ... the man was saying stuff like “那我的三千元呢?” super scary . i decided to stay out of it . of course . 

then there were many old men . there was one who kept walking to and fro and he kept starring . super scary . so i went home . i had a nice shower ;DD 


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