Monday, May 3, 2010

it's another post on today [0305'10] ! but the previous one was basically just some long overdue photos i was too lazy to give a description of . 

ANYWAY , nai jie lin came to my house just now to do S&D skit . 
TRICIA you never come eh ? still playing audi when we called u ? = =
better do a good job tomorrow , ah ? ;DD hahahaha 

oh , and i went jogging ! ran around my neighbourhood . took about 50 minutes . heh , but i was like , walking half the time ;DD well , then 25 minutes of running is not bad , not bad at all :P praise me , cos u knoe u love me . 

hmmm , changed my blogskin ? was too lazy to do one from scratch , so i just took one from blogskins  which is like , super easy . but i edited alot , to make it uniquely mine , eh ? ;DD 

awww , school's starting tomorrow . 
not really looking forward . gahhh . i want to meet emily [yes , emily . u must be happy when u read this] heh heh . i wanna meet her cos i have excuse to buy food ;DD

alright , i shall do my speech & drama script now . 
and learn ting xie D: 

gahh , my life sucks .
i want my pri school life back . 
it was much better . 
juniors , u heard that ! pri school is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better . 
there are no amounts of "Y"s that can express my super long WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. 
cos it's seriously WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better . 

toodles .

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