emily khoo

Thursday, December 3, 2009

emily's across me , usin my other com ... LOLS , 
hmmms , tell u about my day ... 
emily came to my hse at about 7+ am , ? luckily i was awake already ... if it was yesterday , she have to wait outside until 10+ am ... hahas ,  good fr her ...

then came in and we eat and drink stuff ...  then danced on some mat  , play computer ... hahas , very stupid larh . then i went to cook lunch of instant noodles ... LOLS ... eat already then we slacked for awhile ... called my mum ... ask her can go hougang point or not ... cannot larh ... but ltr realised i dun even hv my hse key ... dropped when i was openin door for emily .... LOLS , 

then we went to on music and dance like siao zha bo ...

then after tat , still very bored , sms-ed my mum , asked her if can jus go down to walk walk ... then she said okay lurh. 
so found the key and went down ... we bought bubbletea and then saw tat the bakery there hv offer ... all buns $1 only ... so we each bought 2 each . 

then i saw the waffles . so we oso bought .... $1.40 . chocolate(: yumyum .
eat eat eat... then we went to ntuc ... emily go and buy p.chips and lemon tea , 
like , she not full lidat...

then we walked back to my hse there. went to the playground to eat...
budden , its like , got lightning like tat, so went to void deck ... and sat at those benches.

after i finished my waffle , i went up in the lift ... emily go and climb stairs ... LOLS . cos i didnt wait for her (: hahas , 

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