Thursday, November 12, 2009

now its like , everyday got the concert rehearsal. rehearse and rehearse until i very sian sia. like , everythin must be perfect lorhs. then nigel is like , even more sian than me, like , damn restless lorh. he's just like , slouchin on the chair. those who go for the rehearsal is like , so bored oso. wont laugh at our skit already. but jus dun give the game away larh. dun tell other ppl wat we're performin , cos if not everyone knoe , then not funny already.

i dunnoe how i can control my laughter on the performance day sia.
now wreckin my brains lorh, thinkin of wat to wear. like , the girls in my skit hv to wear dress   -_- lols. 

quick replies(: 
annadine: thanks fr taqqin
alina: YO backs(:
jewelyn: junior , thanks(:
mika: LOLs junior! keep on changin url. and yes , tats my email if u wanna invite me to view ur blog. yar lorh , my email sucks larh. 
azt: tell me who u areeeeeee! lols. or gimme a hint? wat class? u say got pass auditions rite? hmmm... r4? or r8?
emily: where got?:D
leonard: thanks thanks. ur class oso got in(:
mika (again): thanks orh!

okayyes. done!

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