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Sunday, November 15, 2009

now im like , currently typing 作文... yes correct , after psle still hv to type... sian arh(:
lols , okayyes. now for the day today(: i mean , its monday... lols.

today had full dress rehearsal larh. walao whey. i wear until like... so kua zhang lidat. i find tat the boys all looked quite nice budden the girls .... lols , dunnoe wat to say larh. especially me. supposed to wear dress , but mine to short , so i wear tights , then become like blouse and pants , so too casual , so i wear a black jacket , then so funny , somemore i still put a black scarf siah... im soo gonna throw my face away on friday... gonna die of embarrassment. neverminds lorh. anyway its a comedy marh, so its ok... i think (:

haha, ok. better concentrate on typin my compo. 
lols , some tag replies.

johanah>thx for taggin orh(:
lixuan>junior , link-ed(;
mika>hahas , thanks junior(: gonna miss all of u
azt>lols , okayyes... u are from r4 rite? (:
mr. unknown> wth larh u. u knoe i'll do the same thing. -_-
michelle> relink-ed (:

oh ya , still have , still have(;
wanna congratulate some of my dear juniors!!
become prefect exco orh!! like me(:

BIBIANA妹!!!! love ya larh.
JessaDearestJunior~hahas , gratz(:
Sheffield and 小Jon, jia you orh! wooohooo

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