a day today(:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

today was a horrible day.1st , got into the auditions, but they say must improve by leaps and bounds or else will only the 3 boys singing + victor and julian. they say the judges ruined everything [& i presume , especially ME!!] oh well , i think i wont be performing after all... dun care liao larhs. all my efforts went down the drain , the whole class efforts , ): 
okayyes , then other horrible stuff happened and it was again , a boring day. after tat , stayed back for brownies , actually supposed to train them for chief com badge , but we ended up playin our own card games ... and i like ....

fell in lovewith the game Fishing and Stress! OMG!!

okayyes , maybe im abit exaggerated , but its true , it was damn nice playing with johanah , leanne , alina , shu hui , shannon... yupps. usually i dun like card games but this is different:D lols.

i think i'm ending here liaos. 
cos i wanna prepare for art competition tomorrow...
hahas , can go off at 11.30 to hv lunch.... ooh hoo!

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