cant seem to fall asleep

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i cant seem to fall asleep , !!

super nervous,  you knoe? for tomorrow?

PSLE RESULT release day... *sigh

im scared i cannot live up to  the expectations of my parents ): and some relatives.... 
i'll not be very sad if i get lousy results , but im scared my parents would be very disappointed.
oh well , i've tried my very best. whether i get into my dream school or not , i hv to be happy with my hard work put in. (:

alrights , i shld look up and smell the flowers. but negative thoughts just keep runnin through my mind.
im soo depressed i seem to be writin a super weird essay... *sigh


i jus keep on wonderin if i used a correct 2B pencil for my OAS... lols , scared i do all those stupid avoidable mistakes....

good luck to all peeps for tomorrow(:

dun be as depressed as me. 

currently not  little miss sunshine ):

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