Saturday, November 28, 2009

so far ,  life's alright. but NOT my freakin tag box... because of... ong qi ge? lols.
and dun jump to conclusions =.= 

okayyes. thanks jewelyn. u already helped me say wat i shld say and thanks for the tags , chuan yuan , azt , eileen , mika , amanda , jasmine & gerald (: keep the tags runnin(: 

thanks to everyone who said im smart. its just luck tat i got 26++ (: so im happy.
most of u asked my wat sch im intendin to go(:

1st choice ; rgs
2nd choice ; nanyang
3rd choice ; st.nics
4th choice ; njc
5th choice ; cedar
6th choice ; HIHS(:

okayyes. done.
i'll tag back if possible in ur blogs(:

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