normal dayy

Friday, September 25, 2009

today was jus a perfectly normal dayy, chinese teacher brought us to com lab to do 作文,then normal dayy, after tat in class got quiz, which was on the nature ramble yesterday, which i was busy taking photos. u knoe, i was versus shu hui, but we both oso dunnoe the answer, hahas, teacher ask us to go back sia, so sway, cos other ppl's question i knoe, my own one i dunnoe, ): but luckily never lose points for my group cos the other group oso dunnoe.

in the end, my group won, they got 28 points, my group 33, hahas, but no big deal anyways. psle's in like, 12 dayys? so fast, its like zoom, and tats it. once its over, im seriously free, u knoe, like woohhoo. omg, im soundin soo weird, like so childish, well, mayb i am, but, ugh. neverminds.

tomorroe will be work dayy, 2nd last weekend until psle starts, freak, its soo fast, hmms, i think i repeat this like, twice? hahas, i'd realise im lame. todayy went tuition with rachel wee, did science. and one question, the "experiment" was conducted by Ah Meng, then we were like, laughing hysterically . now, im eatin grapes which are damn sour, d:

alrights, tats all for todayy, 

ihearts the song, FIREFLIES by OWL CITY!!! rawks. oh, and oso TIK TOK by Kesha!! omg, lurve it mans.

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